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Writing about Depression


Talk for Health recently hosted a Special event with acclaimed author Wendy Jones (author of The Sex Lives of English Women: Intimate Questions and Unexpected Answers, Portrait of the Artist [...]

Writing about Depression2019-08-09T11:36:56+00:00

Can you help raise awareness among GPs?


Talk for Health graduates have identified an important gap in how our courses can reach more people. Responding to our survey this week, graduates (perhaps including you - thank you!) [...]

Can you help raise awareness among GPs?2019-07-03T08:29:08+00:00

Your story can save lives


We're looking for women and men willing to share their stories about despair and hope with the theatre and film director Jeremy Weller. Weller specialises in work with untrained actors [...]

Your story can save lives2019-06-12T11:45:59+00:00

What name would you choose?


Recently, we've realised that we need to extend our vocabulary - and we hope you might help. For years, we've used a shorthand to differentiate between the groups of individuals [...]

What name would you choose?2019-05-18T18:50:10+00:00

Councils Fail on Mental Health Care


Councils Fail on Mental Health Care The Charity Mind has obtained figures through the Freedom of Information Act showing that Local Authorities are not spending what they should do on public mental [...]

Councils Fail on Mental Health Care2016-12-13T11:03:14+00:00


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