Talk for Health graduates have identified an important gap in how our courses can reach more people.

Responding to our survey this week, graduates (perhaps including you – thank you!) reported that our leaflets are working really well, and word-of-mouth recommendations…

…but also indicated that very few referrals to Talk for Health come directly from GPs.

That odd, considering that about half of all visits to GPs are related to mental health, and considering that Talk for Health is generously funded by GPs across Islington.

We think we can do better, and make that valuable NHS funding go even further.

A Talk for Health graduate has created a hand-drawn poster to put up in GP surgeries. It describes (from the point of view of his wife) how he ended up with us, and what his experience has been.

Now, we could just post a copy of the poster to every surgery in Islington…

But it might be more effective if Talk for Health graduates dropped them round in person to their own GP surgery, and even spoke briefly to the practice manager about it.

Might you be willing, in principle, to do that?

If so – or if you have a better idea – please leave a comment below.