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Dr Josephine SauvageGP Chair, Islington CCG.

“Opportunities such as this require minimal funding compared with the tsunami of cost if we continue to depend on the historical medical model of delivering care and support. We need to redevelop and nurture connection, resilience and community. We call this social asset. Peer support is key in developing greater understanding and normalising our experience, moving away from an overly pathogenic model of the human condition. Initiatives such as ‘Talk for Health’ are a vital way forward.”

What is Talk
for Health?

Our method of teaching lay people the skills of therapeutic talk is a pattern-breaking way of addressing a major social problem: that 1 in 4 of us suffer mental distress and 75% don’t get any help.* NHS therapy reaches at most 20% of those who need it and is short term. More than 50% who get it relapse within a year.

a sustainable solution?

Talk for Health offers a sustainable solution and is already commissioned in Islington and Camden by the local NHS and grant funders

We have a Train the Trainer programme, enabling Talk for Health to be replicated in new areas. If you are interested in commissioning and funding T4H in new areas, we would love to talk to you.

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Current and past Funders and Commissioners include:

We are deeply grateful to them. We can only do this with your help.

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People can make individual charitable donations to us by opening an account with CAF who have verified that we are a not-for-profit Social Enterprise with a Social Purpose and asset lock.