Hello and welcome. How are
you… really?

Do you have enough people you can answer truthfully to?

In today’s society, the answer is often ‘no’. Yet having a safe space to talk about our feelings is crucial for psychological health. At Talk for Health, you can find that space.

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Talk for Health is a programme developed by Psychotherapists. It teaches a method for therapeutic talking and enables people to set up and/or participate ongoing groups. The groups support both your own wellbeing and others’.

Talk for Health is as effective as therapy in lifting depression and raising wellbeing. It’s part of your Psychological 5-a-day: to look after our wellbeing, just like exercise or meditation.

It’s free for all Islington and Camden residents, and many others – ask us to find out more.

We also offer paid-for Talk for Workplace Health programmes and other Personal and Professional development.

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We’re carrying on though Coronavirus by doing everything online. Here’s how to join groups and events using Zoom.

How to join a Zoom meeting as a participant

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