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Talk for Health-led learning.

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Self-Directed learning.

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Done the Full programme, what’s next?

What’s the idea?

It’s important to take care of our emotional wellbeing, just as it is to take care of our bodies. The most effective way to do this is connecting in a truthful and empathic way with others. We call that therapeutic talking.

Talk for Health is a Psychotherapist-designed method for effective therapeutic talking groups.

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How do I do it?

There are currently two ways of doing the programme

What is it?

The heart of our activity is the Talk for Health (T4H) Core Programme. In groups, you learn and practice:

  1. Honest talking – being the real you
  2. Empathic listening
  3. Understanding your own and others’ feelings
  4. Basic counselling skills
  5. How to set up and/or be part of an ongoing group

After this..

You can set up and/or attend ongoing T4H therapeutic talking groups, and we offer help. The ongoing Talk for Health groups build your wellbeing and help you understand yourself, get support, and achieve your life goals.

We also offer a Leadership Development programme where people can train to lead an ongoing group, or to become a Talk for Health Trainer.

Talk for Health is for anyone who wants to understand themselves better, enjoy greater emotional well-being, learn new skills and build deeper, emotionally nourishing connections with others.

We are often asked: ‘Is Talk for Health for people with issues/mental health diagnoses or for normal people/those who wish to help others?’ We don’t draw those distinctions

It dramatically increases emotional wellbeing – with long-lasting effects. It also teaches you vital life skills and helps you build emotionally nourishing connections. Read more here about scientific evaluations of Talk for Health.

There are currently two ways of doing the programme

Talk for Health led

You can come on our FREE, Tasters, Programmes, ongoing groups and trainings if you are an Islington or Camden resident. All are led by Psychotherapist-trained Facilitators. We can often offer free spaces for participants from beyond Camden and Islington too. Check with

We are running everything online throughout the pandemic

To gain access, you start with a Taster and take it from there.


We are excited to launch a NEW, self-directed learning version of Talk for Health that you can do on your own or with groups of peers e.g. friends, colleagues or peer support groups. It is, for a short period, on offer at a special price of £29.99 per person. Access it here