There are more than 400 different kinds of therapy but all of them descend from a common ancestor: Freud. Although much of his thinking has been rejected, much is an everyday part of therapists’ work.

Join us at the Talk for Health February Special where we will explore some key Freudian which you may well find useful whether in everyday life, in supporting yourself or supporting others.

Specifically, we will look at:

– The Unconscious

– Projection

– Transference

-Projective identification

This Special will be led by Psychotherapist and Talk for Health Founder Nicky Forsythe MBACP (Accred.). Before training as a therapist, Nicky worked as a researcher and carried out an in-depth exploration of the talking cures.

The Special will run 6pm to 8pm at St Lukes’ Community Centre (90 Central Street, London, EC1V 8AJ) on Wednesday 7th February. There will be a 15 minute break for snacks and drinks half-way through.

Our aim is that this session will be insightful, interactive and fun. Book your free place HERE