Recently, we’ve realised that we need to extend our vocabulary – and we hope you might help.

For years, we’ve used a shorthand to differentiate between the groups of individuals we train to speak and listen for better mental health.

Internally, we refer to the groups as P1, P2, P3 – and so on.

Horribly dull! And also not particularly helpful, because how are we supposed to remember the difference between P31, say, and P37?

So here’s what we’re thinking…

Do you remember when meteorologists started to refer to hurricanes and other great storms by name? Do you remember what a difference that made?

We’d like to do something like that. But what kind of names should we use?

Male or female names might cause confusion: our groups are usually mixed, and we don’t want to put men off joining a group with a woman’s name, or vice versa.

  • What about plants? Or particular types of plants:
  • Flowers?
  • Trees?
  • Or chemical elements, from the periodic table?
  • Or how about streets in Islington, in recognition of the financial support we receive from Islington GPs, and the value of community in everything we do?
Perhaps you have a better idea.

Please leave a comment below. And when we’ve come up with a decent shortlist, perhaps then we’ll put it to a vote…