We’re looking for women and men willing to share their stories about despair and hope with the theatre and film director Jeremy Weller.

Jeremy Weller at work

Weller specialises in work with untrained actors to tell their real stories. Now he’s collaborating with Talk for Health.

If you have a story of personal crisis, we’d like to hear from you.

In the first week of July, Jeremy will lead a 5-day workshop with you to explore suicide and suicide prevention – and create a performance on that theme for World Mental Health Day.

This is a truly exceptional opportunity.

  • BBC Radio described Weller as a world leader in “social inclusion art”
  • Palme d’Or-winning screenwriter Paul Laverty doubted there could be a “more spellbounding moment” in the entire Edinburgh Festival after watching a Weller show
  • Movie director Lars von Trier said he had “never seen performances like it”
Untrained actors performing in a previous Weller production

If you have attempted, or even “just” contemplated, suicide and you are willing to share your experience, we want to hear from you.

This workshop will lead to a public storytelling / performance with an audience of 100 on the evening of World Mental Health Day 10th October 2019.

NOTE: This is an artistic project, not a therapeutic intervention for people who need help now. To participate, you must be willing for your participation in the workshop to be filmed.

We’re looking for 15 people altogether, so please don’t take too long thinking about it – we’d hate you to be disappointed.

We’ll send out more details shortly. To be sure you don’t miss them, please add our email to your address book.