Leading academics report: Talk for Health tops community wellbeing interventions


In UK-wide research on mental wellbeing and social inclusion, leading UK academics find Talk for Health a particularly effective wellbeing intervention.   Key findings from the report were:   Social [...]

Leading academics report: Talk for Health tops community wellbeing interventions2016-01-21T16:12:39+00:00

Time for (Real) Change report


An increasing number of people, groups and organisations are concerned with the current paradigm of pathologising and labelling human reactions to adversity.  In this one day event the Hearing Voices [...]

Time for (Real) Change report2015-08-18T12:34:15+00:00

The Only Us Campaign


There's 'Them' and there's 'Us'.  We are well, happy and safe.  They are mentally ill and dangerous.  Is this really true?  Or is the uncomfortable truth that there's a continuum, [...]

The Only Us Campaign2015-03-19T17:08:08+00:00

Why we need to abandon the disease model of mental health


We must move away from the disease model, which assumes that emotional distress is merely symptomatic of biological illness, and instead embrace a model of mental health and well-being that [...]

Why we need to abandon the disease model of mental health2014-11-29T12:00:26+00:00

Talk for Health in the New York Times July 2014


Loneliness is a health risk,  but having empathic listeners is good for you.  Read the article here http://mobile.nytimes.com/blogs/op-talk/2014/07/29/how-loneliness-can-make-you-sick-and-might-even-kill-you/

Talk for Health in the New York Times July 20142014-11-11T18:10:21+00:00

Talk for Health in the Guardian July 2014


Talk for Health as a solution to our silent plague of loneliness. Read the article here http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2014/jul/20/loneliness-britains-silent-plague-hurts-young-people-most

Talk for Health in the Guardian July 20142014-07-21T10:47:32+00:00

Talk for Health on the radio


Author and broadcaster Wendy Jones interviews Talk for Health Founder Nicky on 'Interesting Conversations'.  You can listen to it here (The first 30 seconds is music but you'll hear the [...]

Talk for Health on the radio2014-02-27T11:38:48+00:00

School for Social Entrepreneurs Award


Talk For Health’s founder Nicky Forsythe won an award from the Lloyds TSB/ School for Social Entrepreneurs programme  to develop Talk For Health. Nicky graduated as a Fellow of the [...]

School for Social Entrepreneurs Award2013-09-04T15:46:50+00:00

Talk for Health’s Advisory Board


We are glad to have four fantastic board members. Philippa Perry – author of How to Stay Sane and Couch Fiction, Lionel Joyce OBE CBE, Harriet Spicer, a co-founder of [...]

Talk for Health’s Advisory Board2013-09-04T15:46:11+00:00

New Joint Talk for Health Initiative


Talk For Health is excited about its recent forthcoming work with RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce). A Talk For Health programme trained key members [...]

New Joint Talk for Health Initiative2013-09-04T15:44:18+00:00

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