Happy Sunday!

Today, we’re focusing on easy, yet powerful ways to turn a dull day into a brighter, more positive experience. Let’s dive into six simple steps that can uplift your mood and add a splash of joy to your routine:

  1. Make Your Bed: Start your day with a small yet fulfilling task. Making your bed not only tidies your space but also gives you a sense of accomplishment first thing in the morning.
  2. Reach Out to a Good Friend: Social connections are vital for our well-being. A quick chat or a heartfelt conversation with a friend can do wonders for your mood.
  3. Celebrate the Small Wins: Acknowledge and celebrate even the minor successes throughout your day. This practice nurtures a positive mindset and helps you recognize your own progress.
  4. Ground Yourself in Nature: Connecting with the natural world can be incredibly grounding. Whether it’s a walk in the park or simply sitting by a window to observe the outdoors, nature has a way of soothing the soul.
  5. Keep Hydrated: Often overlooked, hydration is key to maintaining good energy levels and overall health. Drink plenty of water to keep your body and mind refreshed.
  6. Get Moving: Physical activity, be it a brisk walk, a dance session, or a yoga flow, releases endorphins and boosts your mood. Find a form of movement that you enjoy and incorporate it into your day.

Remember, your mental health is important. Here’s to brighter days ahead!
As always, lots of T4H activities are going on as well as interesting events from our partners across Islington, read on to find out more.

If you know someone who could benefit from Talk for Health, please make sure to recommend our next Full programme starting on the 13th of January! 
Warmest wishes,

Emily and the Talk for Health Team

FREE T4H SPECIAL – Argentine Tango

In the words of Bruno Abeele, a Tango Maestro: “tango is more than being stressed or being relaxed. It’s a state. Maybe it’s a third state, where,  you are connected to yourself. You’re in some kind of meditation. You allow external factors, the universe, let’s call it or maybe your partner, maybe the music, maybe the flow to talk to you or to go to talk through you. And you allow these signals to be passed on to your movement onto your spine and your body without fighting it, but at the same time being quite present. So, in a way, it’s a state of being, which is a bit like being enlightened in some kind of way where the state is about being there without judging yourself, without judging the other, without judging the music, without having fear of being able to or not. It is a state of just being without fear and without expectations

Tango is so much more than just a dance: beyond the steps, it is a culture, a music genre, a way of life, a heart to heart experience.

It’s much more than a dance. It is a music style, it is a profound and fascinated culture, and at the most intrinsic level, it is a connection between two people, who might know each other well, or who might have just met mere minutes ago. It is, as we say, a connection of hearts, as much as it is a language – a wordless language that uses the body to communicate.
The team at Tanguito is managed by Bruno V. Abeele, and consists of Bruno who started Tanguito in 2011; and of Paula, and occasional invited maestros (teachers). They are all professionally trained, and will do everything in their power for you to learn to dance tango, regardless of prior experience.
They have taught tango for a long time (over two decades of combined teaching), danced it a LOT (25 years+ each), participated in tango shows, and made tango not only their passion but something we profoundly want to share.
They are looking forward to meeting you and passing to you that amazing south American inner fire that is taking the world by storm.
Originally a computer engineer, Bruno started Argentine tango in 1999, at first for fun in Japan with maestros from Buenos Aires, then for his wedding first dance. What kept him going back for more was the sheer enjoyment of the classes and because he liked socialising with tango friends.
After his first trip to Buenos Aires, he carried on tango out of addiction: to the music, to the embrace, to the fascinating tango culture, to the beauty of the dance and the emphasis on the ‘here and now’. He trained in Buenos Aires with truly generous teachers such as the 2008 tango world champions Daniel Nacucchio and Cristina Sosa, Lorena Ermocida, triple champion Fernando Carrasco and old school milongeros like Chiche, amongst others.
Bruno designed Tanguito’s yearly curriculum and teaching methodology, changing the way tango is taught by shifting from teaching steps to using what he called Dimension, a much more powerful tool to make the transformation from ‘doing steps’ to ‘dancing’ much quicker. As such, you will learn how, from one simple step, you can start designing your own, playing with its energy, displacement, musicality, and much more.
Bruno taught in Buenos Aires, in multiple tango academies in London, Reading, Leeds, Sheffield and more; as well as in Tokyo, Paris, amongst places worldwide and took part in Tango festivals. He also regularly DJs for prestigious milongas in Buenos Aires, for the Argentine Embassy in the UK (and the UK Embassy in Buenos Aires), and milongas in Japan, France, and more.
Bruno regularly performs with Paula, and, twice a week, after classes, demonstrates how to use what was taught.
The second half of the Special will introduce you to, and give you a chance to experience some of the four key learning areas of Talk for Health:

• Open and truthful talking

• Empathic listening

• Basic counselling skills

• How to set up an ongoing group
After this event, you can go straight into a Talk for Health Café, where you will learn peer counselling skills and get plenty of space to talk and get/give support. You can also sign up to the Full 4-day Talk for Health Peer Counselling Programme for a deeper therapeutic and skills-building experience.

Sign up here
Here are this week’s groups: 
Click the link to sign up on Eventbrite or RSVP via text to join. These are available to T4H graduates as well as anyone who has completed a T4H taster or Special.
Parliament Hill Café 
Tues, 28th Nov 18:00 – 20:00 Online Event – Sign up hereBreathe & Share Café 
Sat, 2nd Dec 14:00 – 16:00 Online Event – Sign up here
FREE Taster Sessions

Tuesday, 9th January 16:00 – 18:00 @ Islington Town Hall Taster sessions are FREE, and help people to find out if Talk for Health is right for them.
Tasters give you the chance to experience some of the four key learning areas of our full programme: open and truthful talking, empathic listening, basic counselling skills and how to set up an ongoing group to take care of your own wellbeing and enable others to take care of theirs.

After our participants attend a Taster, they can:
  • Come to Talk For Health Cafés (our monthly peer support groups) and be part of a community.
  • Do a range of group activities like breathwork, art journaling and therapeutic writing.
  • Do the full Talk For Health Programme.
And yes, it’s all FREE. Just share this link with anyone you think could benefit:

Tuesday 9th January 4-6pm (Location TBC): Sign up here

Wednesday 7th February 2-4pm (ONLINE): Sign up here

Thursday 29th February 6-8pm (ONLINE): Sign up here

FREE ONLINE Peer-to-peer Counselling Programme

Starting on the 13th January, Online Event

On the Full Talk for Health Peer Counselling Programme, you will deepen your knowledge and skills as well as have space to practise the four key learning areas of Talk for Health: open and truthful talking, empathic listening, basic counselling skills and how to set up an ongoing group to take care of your own wellbeing and enable others to take care of theirs.

The full times and dates for this programme are:

Saturday 13 January 2024 (10.30am – 4.30pm)
Thursday 18 January 2024 (5:30pm – 8:30pm)
Thursday 25 January 2024 (5:30pm – 8:30pm)
Thursday 1 February 2024 (5.30am – 8.30pm)
Saturday 3 February 2024 (10.30am – 4.30pm)
Thursday 8 February 2024 (5:30pm – 8:30pm)
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