Without nature where would we all be?

Probably, a distant memory.

Imagine a world without sunshine.

What a dull existence that would be.

Without light to brighten the darkest day.

No rain to water the plants that beautify the earth.

Nature gives so freely.

Asking for nothing in return.

Yet we take so eagerly.

Destroying the natural world and its habitats.

Let us for a moment, stop and think of all that nature gives.

In the form of beauty, art and spirituality.

Everything that we have ever needed to survive and thrive, nature has provided.

Food, water, shelter, medicines, nutrients & so much more.

So, let us all take some responsibility in preserving Mother Nature and celebrate her as our mother as she ought to be.

In order to preserve her existence for humanity infinitely.

by Kimone Benjamin.

Thank you very much to Talk for Health Trainer, Kimone for sending this following her reflections during Mental Health Awareness Week!