Latest Talk for Health News and Upcoming Events (22/03/22)

Want to do our free Talk for Health peer counselling programme to connect with yourself and others on a deeper level, and at the same time become part of a wider community?

Or do you want to but feel nervous? We’re offering a 1-2-1 wraparound project to provide you with support through your Talk for Health journey.

See upcoming dates and info on our latest newsletter here.

We now offer a huge variety of online, ongoing groups after you have done the basic programme.  There’s therapeutic writing, dream group, movement group, and a group where you watch TED Talks and share your responses.

So if you can’t explore in the outer world this Summer, there’s plenty of scope to explore your inner world, with us.

And if you’re already a Talk for Health Graduate, what ongoing groups and further trainings are on this week here.


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