We are delighted that Turner prize winning artist, Grayson Perry, RA, CBE, has recently agreed to be our patron.  In support of Talk for Health, Grayson has said “I know from my own experience how important it is to be accepted exactly as we are: being heard and understood has a powerful impact on our identity, wellbeing and creativity.”

Grayson is one of Britain’s best-known contemporary artists. He works with traditional media; ceramics; cast iron; bronze; printmaking and tapestry. He is a great chronicler of contemporary life and his work references his own childhood and life as a transvestite while also engaging with wider social issues from class and politics to sex and religion.

Grayson has also made a number of television documentaries exploring identity. “Who are you” in 2014, looked at identity and he created portraits of the people featured in the programme. In 2016, Grayson explored modern masculinity in a series called “All Man”.

Nicky Forsythe, Founding Director of Talk for Health said “I’m proud and honoured that Grayson has agreed to be our Patron. He has a deep understanding of the work we do and is a wonderful figurehead for us. I am a big fan of his idea that we create our identities like an ongoing work of art. Identity viewed this way gives us the possibility to weave even the most painful events in our lives into a rich, meaningful and ever-evolving sense of who we are.   At Talk for Health, we help people create that sense of meaning when they look at their life stories, as we find this has a major impact on our wellbeing.”